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Have you visited Maastricht yet? I recently went to Essen, which is a city in the very western part of Germany. It was known for the coal industry in former times and is not necessarily famous for it’s beauty. At least this is my very own opinion. So, what to do then? Yeah right, go somewhere else.

This is, how we decided to visit Maastricht in the Netherlands, which is not far away and another great opportunity to take some pictures.

 Which lens would be the best?

Of course I had my camera with me. Do I ever travel without it anyway? Since it was going to be a city trip, I was not sure which lens I should pack. I prefer to have as little equipment with me as possible. On one hand, I expected a lot of narrow streets and nice buildings, what would call for a wide angle lens. On the other hand, I really fell in love with my Canon 50mm, f/1.8 fixed focal length lens and I love the pictures I make with it. I usually have it with me all the time, but it is best suitable for details and not so much, to get a big scenery on your picture. At least the third option – a tele lens – was not an option at all, since I don’t call one my own. Makes things easier.

How did it work out?

You guess it – I could not decide. So, I packed both lenses. To spoil the end: I did not use my wide angle lens once though. I was just completely satisfied with the results I got with my 50mm lens.

The luminosity of the 50mm f/1.8 lens allows you to shoot even if the light is not too bright. There is no need for changing to a higher ISO value or unpacking your tripod. And especially pictures taken against the light look really cool with this lens.

I love the Bokeh. With the very limited focus range you get with f/1.8, you can create great effects with working out details or getting the background blurred out. No need for a tele lens here. The 50mm f/1.8 lens is known for the great Bokeh, and you really can play with it a lot. Well, one disadvantage is – if you like to say so – that you have to get close to your "objects". That can cause some irritation, when you want to shoot a person, not aware of you. I haven’t been attacked so far, though 😉 

And finally, the lens is very flat. That makes the camera stay compact and handy as possible. It just is very flexible, what I like a lot.

A lens with a fixed focal length (50mm here) keeps the camera handy.

How was Maastricht then?

The city really surprised us with its beauty and vibrant life. There is a lot of young and also older people around and everybody seemed relaxed and chilled. The atmosphere was just to dive in and there was so much life on the streets. The setup with the beautiful old houses all over had a bit of Quebec City, Paris, and London. And there are bicycles. Everywhere. You find almost no cars in the city center but just people riding their bikes. Not to forget the good and different kind of beer one can get here. Especially the belgian ones are worth a try! I liked that a lot, too!

 Let me show you some impressions from Maastricht below. Pictures, I made with my 50mm lens of course 😊




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