I AM...

... an Auckland based, autodidact photographer, who happens to work as an engineer in the every day life.

I started photography by stroling around with my camera and experimenting. It didn't take long, until I started to read and learn more about techniques and possibilities. I ever since strive to expand my knowledge and experiment with my camera as much as I can. Always trying to capture the beauty around us, seeking for moments with a soul and preserving them.

Once starting as nature and travel photographer, my photos show a variety of motives. I more and more focus on people photography, though. I am fascinated by the emotions and expression that can be captured in a photo - especially when people are not aware of the camera.

I am always open to possible photo shootings or collaborations - either for your business profile or more casual occasions. Whether you are interessted in working together as a model or as a fellow photographer - feel free to get in touch.